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Provider Network

By the Numbers

Nearly 1,200 PCCN Providers
Over 670 PCCN Specialists Providers
Over 380 PCCN Primary Care Providers

80% of the Specialty Providers

50% of the Primary Care Providers

Network Governance

PCCN Network Governance

The Board of Managers takes all necessary and appropriate actions to direct and supervise the business and affairs of Phoenix Children’s Care Network.

  • Christine Holmes, MD, Chair
  • Luis Argueso, MD, Vice-Chair
  • Susan Burke, MD
  • Jodi Carter, MD
  • Kari Cornicelli
  • Arturo Gonzalez, MD
  • Lyndy Jones, MD
  • Kristin McCleland, MD
  • Jared Muenzer, MD
  • Ron Serbin, MD
  • Gary Silber, MD
  • John Stock, MD
  • Jason Vargas, MD

Responsibilities of the Finance Committee include reviewing contracts between Phoenix Children’s Care Network and third parties, overseeing vendor relationships, and monitoring flow of funds and operational performance.

  • Duane Wooten, MD, Chair
  • Luis Argueso, MD, Vice-Chair
  • Kari Cornicelli
  • Renee Clarke
  • Susan Chung, MD
  • Tanya Horner, MD
  • Lyndy Jones, MD
  • Satish Namjoshi, MD
  • John Stock, MD
  • Vivian Ziltzer, MD

Responsibilities of the Utilization Management and Network Committee include monitoring and evaluating current and potential network practices while ensuring that access, authorization and utilization management standards exhibited by these groups are consistent with network requirements and represents best practices.

  • Susan Burke, MD, Chair
  • Tara Lefkowitz, MD, Vice-Chair
  • Mark Deardorff, MD
  • Jodi Carter, MD
  • Subir Mitra, MD
  • Lisa Pepka, MD
  • Vinny Chulani, MD
  • Anne Garrett, MD
  • Courtney Bishop, MD

Responsibilities of the Quality Committee include establishing and monitoring the network’s quality agenda, intervening as necessary to improve clinical performance and address deviations from clinical protocols adopted by Phoenix Children’s Care Network.

  • Roy Jedeikin, MD, Chair
  • Arash Sabati, MD, Vice-Chair
  • Jodi Carter, MD
  • Judith Barnes-Clark, MD
  • Nandini Kanagal, MD
  • Katherine Lichtsinn, MD
  • Kristin McCleland, MD
  • Mark Patton, MD
  • Sandhya Ravi, MD
  • Lilia Parra-Roide, MD
  • Arturo Gonzalez, MD
  • Rajeev Agarwal, MD
  • Amy Shoptaugh, MD
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