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PCCN 2021 Gaps In Care Update

PCCN 2021 Gaps in Care Update

This year we began the Gaps in Care campaign in late July 2021.  We initiated a hybrid of outreach through text and phone in hopes of reaching the maximum amount of patients that were due or overdue for their Well Child exams.  As you know, in 2020, there was a drop in appointment scheduling and attendance.  We are working very hard to assist you with getting patients and families caught up on their preventative exams.

So far in 2021, we have worked alongside practices through some new and challenging barriers; early onset of RSV season, increased amount of sick visits, that for some practices threatened availability to schedule Well Check visits, and ongoing staffing shortages.  Practices and providers have worked diligently to think outside of the box and implement ways to accommodate all needed visits. 

  • As of 10/8/21, we have provided outreach via phone to 16,538 members
  • We have provided outreach via text message to 22,715 members
  • Through 10/15/2021, 2,139 Well Child visits have been scheduled

PCCN recently sent out an email to the practices asking for a “last call,” of specific patients you would like care coordinators to contact for Gaps In Care as we move into the last months of 2021.  We want to make sure we are calling those that you deem highly important.

We will continue to be an ally with our practices and providers in the upcoming months.  Plans are already under way for Gaps in Care 2022, this will be different as we will work on this all year round, instead of 3rd/4th quarters.   

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