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Pfizer 5-11 Year Old Planning Assumptions (subject To Change)

Pfizer 5-11 year old Planning Assumptions (subject to change)

Only Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine will be available to vaccinate 5-11 year olds, potentially for the next few months. Here is what we know at this time:

Only onboarded<Approved< Active providers are eligible to receive this vaccine

There will be a unique vial/presentation for 5-11 year olds with a unique NDC. The vial is expected to have an orange cap.

DO NOT USE Pfizer 12+ presentation for children.

Pfizer 12+ presentation vials have purple caps.

Smaller pediatric dosage: 10 mcg

Smaller pediatric volume: 0.2 mL

The pediatric presentation will initially require a diluent.

Ancillary kits will include needed diluent, syringes, and needles.

300 minimum for first wave, 100-dose minimum order.

Cold Storage

Can be stored in an ultra-low-temp freezer (-70°C) until expiration.

Can be stored for up to 10 weeks in the refrigerator.  

Once the vaccine is removed from ultracold freezing, it must be put in the refrigerator. 

Cannot be stored in a standard freezer for any length of time.

· Onboarding takes time, please start the process now if needed.

Initial doses will be on an allocation basis (for the first few weeks at least). County health departments will be responsible for allocations in their communities.

The federal government has purchased sufficient doses of this vaccine to vaccinate all individuals in this age group.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. ***Of course, all of the above is pending FDA/ACIP/CDC approval and is subject to change***

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