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Phoenix Children’s Care Network Update: Gaps In Care: A Community-Centered Success

Phoenix Children’s Care Network Update: Gaps in Care: A Community-Centered Success

We are so proud of our team, our network, and the sense of community that we could develop as partners in the Summer of 2020 during our Gaps-in-Care campaign. As we’ve shared with you in the past, that campaign allowed us to outreach to over 31,000 members with gaps-in-care by automated text message and by our Care Coordination team to stress the importance of wellness exams. During that process, we offered patients the ability to three-way call our participating practices to schedule their wellness visit. We wanted to share a few notable stats from that campaign:

  • 23,704 patients received text messages
  • 12,695 were outreached to by our Integrated Care Coordination team
  • 5,373 patients received outreach by both automated text and from our Care Coordination team
  • 31% of the members that we outreached to received a well-visit
  • The direct outreach by our care coordination team proved to be more successful
    • We saw a 48% compliance rate for those members outreached by the Care Coordination Team
    • We experience a 26% compliance rate for those who were outreached to by automated text

Thank you to our network providers who engaged with us in developing a plan tailored to your practice that allowed us to connect patients with you. Under all of 2020’s circumstances, we found a way to come together as a network to do what’s right for the patients that we serve. Thanks for all you do!

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